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Dynamic Private Ocean Island with Abundant Wildlife and surrounded by Majestic Marine Life

Island has a home, two cottages and storage building. 


What you see in videos and photos is what you get!

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Newly renovated - Videos taken July 25, 2017 and August 2, 2017






Island 101

Most people don't realize that it costs 3 to 6 times and even more to build on a private island vs the mainland.

So it is far better to find a structure already built than to build one on your own unless you have unlimited funds to do so.

Location to a harbour is important.  This island is about a 12 min or boat ride to the main harbour. 

Its far enough to be totally private but close enough to get supplies which are right in town.

Zoomed Photo taken from Lower Woods Harbour off of Falls Pt. Rd.

Totally Private 65 acre Ocean Island is situated in Lobster Bay

quaint lobster fishing village town in Woods Harbour, NS

Approximate 10 minute boat ride from the Main Woods Harbour to this Island.

Approaching Island at high tide from Woods Harbour Zoomed in photo of home on a gentle hill.


This home is on a hill overlooking Woods Harbour also in view is Cape Sable Island  home has 5 (FIVE) SOLAR BANKS ON FRONT ROOF

Total N Plug and play solar system - If a solar panel ever fails, just unplug it and plug a new one in. - Same goes with inverters.  all plug and play.

6TH ON ON OTHER SIDE OF HOUSE you will have no need for power.

Cottage was built with permit, construction started in 2005 and completed in 2006.  

Nestled in the woods on a gentle  hill putting the home about 15 ft about sea level and about 250 feet from the ocean shore, you enjoy breathtaking views.  

You can  pitch a tent deep in the woods and not hear the ocean waves hit the shoreline. 

The cottage has 3 English style bedrooms, each with private sinks and toilet the two  main bedrooms with own closets.

The third bedroom or guest bedroom can handle a full size or double bed.

Kitchen will be installed with 4 foot x 9 foot island  with additional kitchen sink as well as plenty of cabinet space. 

Hardwood floors throughout and a knotty pine ceiling.   You even come across a plenty of deer on the island.  

We have seen groups of  six  near the main cottage. 

 Main cottage was designed to have 6 Independent Solar arrays mounted on roof not shown in picture providing

home more than enough power and powers everything a modern day home powers today.  Heating Source is a Wood burning stove

6th  Solar Power banks at rear of house. Power is FREE provided by our SUN!   12vdc  led bulbs for lights. Efficient and all are plug n play.

12 vdc - Plug N Play Solar System so  panels just plug it in to replace if one ever goes bad. 

System works with a 12vdc inverter which also is plug and play.   Then you just plug into the 12vdc inverter and away you go!

  You  can easily  add more or replace at any time just by plug and play.   Aims  plug n play inverters used.


Brand New Rustic Ash Hardwood Floors Installed - All furnishings are NEW -  Completely remodeled. -

Furnished as is - What you see is what you get! - Right down to Towels, pots pans, everything!

42 inch High End SAMSUNG LED 1inch thin TV along with Bell Atlantic Internet Hub and VOIP Telephone.

YES the island has a working telephone!

Night Picture Note Hi-Tech LED Trac Lighting System on Ceiling


Picture taken June 2nd, 2017 from security camera on property.

Bedroom One - FURNISHED AS IS -


Bedroom One Chest of Drawers - All Furnishings included - As Is Furnished

Sink and Toilet off off of bedroom one

BEDROOM TWO -   Photo Taken At Night

Bedroom Two Dresser -Brand new furnishings in every room.


BATHROOM TWO - Towels, Washcloths - Everything Stays! Just bring your own cloths and toothbrush.

BEDROOM Three - Guest.  Bedroom can fit a Full Size bed


SHARED PASS THROUGH LARGE SHOWER 42 INCHES X42 INCHES - Pass through means you can get into shower from each room.




Cottage has Dug well that was put in after a 1550+ Gallon Cistern tank brought in for rain water..  To this day we still use the cistern because it supplies more water than we can use.

The dug well was tested and has a good flow and already piped to main cottage.  Comes with brand new well pump only used to test it.

The cottage has a propane on-demand hot water system that is seriously energy efficient.

 regular 20 gallon propane tank lasts for over a month.    We have internet on the island with great upload and download speeds provided by Bell Atlantic.

Supplies hot water to 4 sinks a dishwasher and a full shower. 

Above 3 photos taken from security cameras at different times of year.  This one above was taken June 3rd, 2017


Also floating dock included as well as Two Small Row boat dinghy's come with island. 

Roughly 600+ pounds  Mooring plates buried deep in ocean floor for safe boat mooring of large boat. 

Dolphins swim with boat on many occasions.  Seals bath on rocks in semi-protected natural harbour of island.   

Lobsters, Crab and Clams galore around island.

Calm Ocean Backside of this huge PRIVATE island find sea grass to the shore and enjoy warm spring,& summer breezes off of ocean. 

This Island is located in the most temperate  part of Nova Scotia.

Actual View from Main Cottage showing  the morning sunrise and the Islands Natural Rock Semi Protected Harbour


 If you like to collect rocks well you will go insane with the billions of rocks around its shoreline.

On the southern tip and north side of island one will find a small sandy beach. However 98 % of Island has a rocky shoreline so no worry of erosion.

At Islands southern most point near one COTTAGE is a small gray sand beach.

Many different kinds of wildflowers grow all over the island this was taken on the calm backside about 30 feet from the shore.

Yet another private cove with its shoreline filled with wildflowers.

Sunrise on Island

Take a walk in  the deep woods.  The island has a main pathway cut through the center of the island and other paths branching off the 

main path.  You can almost get lost but follow the paths and some trees are marked with colored ribbons or painted to identify where your at in

 the woods. Pack a lunch and take your binoculars to see the birds.  Humming birds to name a few are abundant during season.

14 X14 cottage on south end of island

Picture taken just before being completed 12 X 20 cottage on west end.

After summer rain

After Sumer Rain

Picture of island taken from Lower Woods Harbour.

We have internet on the island with great upload and download speeds provided by Bell Atlantic.

Actual view from Home-

Magnificent Sky taken from back bedroom of home

Seasonal fee to birth boat in the main  Harbour is $50.  You park your car free in Harbor, then  take boat to island then you moor it and take  dinghy to shore. 

Taken August 1st, 2014  right from  home family room window.

Young Deer - Picture taken from bedroom window in home, They feed off of Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry bushes that are by Main Cottage

Zoomed Picture taken from bedroom window of main cottage of fawn laying near where we feed birds.

Buck Near Well - Picture taken from Inside home.

Magnificent colored sunsets on this island are common.  Picture taken of  lighthouse in Woods Harbour.



View from Main Cottage - Morning Sunrise

Enjoying Majestic Sunsets on Island


If you want the prestige of owning your very own private island abundant with wildlife and surrounded by marine life and pure nature...

Light pink and mauve sunset this evening.

Full Moon taken on backside of island with calm waters looking at  town approx. 1 mile away.   Actual View from Main Cottage on Island

Woods Main Harbour one morning as we came from the island.



Interesting Photo Taken Feb. 4th, 2017 from security camera

This photo showing sunrise on island from Security Camera taken February 9th, 2017 Notice snow already melting!

Taken March 10,  2018  From Nature Camera on island

Night time on Island - Smart Home - We can turn lights on and off from over the interent using Alexa and Google Home.

Night time on Island - Smart Home - We can turn lights on and off from over the internet using Smart Speakers Alexa and/or Google Home.

We Take our Alexa and Google home devices when we leave for the season as they are affiliated with our personal Amazon and Google accounts.

If you want your own I can set them up in your own Amazon and Google home account.

- = -

August 5, 2018


This is a completely private 65 acre ocean island situated in Lobster Bay, Nova Scotia.  It is approximately 1 mile from the quaint fishing village of Wood’s Harbour. Birth your boat in the harbour when on the mainland.  It is the perfect distance for complete privacy, yet a sense of security as emergency and medical centers are close by. It is also a pleasant and convenient 15 minute drive to major grocery and hardware stores, as well as banking.  Also, there are convenience stores minutes from the harbour. 


The entire experience of traveling to and from the island, as well as being on the island, is of that of a wildlife sanctuary.  On the boat ride, you will often encounter seals and dolphins.  Stepping off the boat, you will see baby lobsters.  On the island itself, there is everything from many species of birds such as goldfinches, geese, falcons and owls, as well as mammals such as mink and deer.  At times you can actually see a heard of deer in one glance.    


There are 4 structures situated on various places on the island, all with dynamic views of ocean and terrain.  The main cottage was completed in 2006.  All structures were permitted and built to meet and/or exceed international building codes.  Superior concrete siding was used in construction that resists elements and will last the buildings lifetime.  Additionally, the builder installed galvanized metal strapping from each truss to secure the roofs to the structures.


The main cottage is about 800 square feet (74 square meters).  It is completely self sustaining with 6 solar arrays, a water cistern, and a fireplace for heating.  There is every convenience right down to Internet and Satellite TV.  There is nothing you need to bring but yourself, food and clothing.  There are 3 English-style bedrooms, each with their own toilets and vanities.  There is a shared shower between the 2 main bedrooms.  The 3rd. bedroom can accommodate a full size bed.  The kitchen is a gourmet’s paradise!  As well as full size refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, there is a large 36 square foot (3.3 sq meter) island with a secondary sink.  There is more cabinet space than once can find use for.  There is hardwood floor throughout, and a knotty pine ceiling.   There is a 10’ x 10’ outbuilding for storage a short distance away.


The other 2 cottages are located at the southern and western shores, each about a half hour walk through a dynamic, undisturbed forest.  You can pitch a tent deep in the woods, and not hear the ocean waves hit the shoreline should you so desire

Island owner will gift the new owner a 21 foot Ocean Worthy Boat with 50hp Motor after closing.

Phone: 1-715-901-1111

Phone: 1-902-702-3272

Steal it for only $245,000 US Funds

email: PrivateOceanIsland@gmail.com


Building A Dream

 A true story of how I bought this island.

                My fascination with islands began at a very early age, and I can tell you when and where.  I was about nine, my dad and I were going away for a summer vacation in Minnesota.  Normally that would be a typical resort on a lake, with a few small cabins you would drive up to.  Well, this one time, it was very different.  We drove up to a dock -- not a cabin, and my dad said: “start unloading onto the dock”.  I was a bit baffled by this. My father then went on to make a call on an old “crank” phone that was by the dock.  Soon after, a man showed up on a beautiful old polished wooden boat, one of those such as in the movie “On Golden Pond”.  We then began to load our supplies and headed out.


My dad pointed over to an area on the other side of the water, and asked “son, do you know where we are going?”  I said “yes – to that resort.”  Father asked, “but do you know what that body of land is?”  I did not know exactly what he meant, so he went on to explain that it was an island – surrounded on all sides by water.  I knew what an island was at that age and was wondering how this experience would play out!


The island was about three and a half to four acres.  It had a large white-framed two-story home almost in the center of this island, and a few cottages surrounding the main home.  A family that was there left the next day, and it seemed like we were all by ourselves, except for the owners of the island, who where an elderly couple and pretty much stayed indoors.   Needless to say, it was one of the best vacations of my lifetime.  Since that experience, I always knew I wanted to someday own an island.


When I got older and established, I began going to libraries, researching in journals, real estate magazines, and similar periodicals.  I found islands in North America, on lakes and oceans from coast to coast, but each was very expensive, which I could not afford.  Persistence payed off, as I eventually came upon a real estate person who had several different islands available off the coast of Nova Scotia.


I contacted an agent who agreed to take me out and show me some of the islands available.  It was in the dead of winter, and I was not sure what I was in for.  I landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, right after a major snow storm hit the east coast of the US and the Maritimes.  As I landed and looked out my window, I saw a wall of snow dwarfing the jet.    I thought to myself “what am I getting into?”


I was to meet a guide in a town Called Bridgewater. Nova Scotia.  I remember getting into my rental car and driving from the Halifax International airport.  I was heading for the main highway seeing a Gasoline station posting something like 53 cents and I thought to myself “what a bargain”.  I then saw a speed limit sign that posted 100.  Coming from the US, at first, I thought to myself: “my God the Canadians drive FAST and have such cheap gasoline.  How do they do it?”  I remember driving and thinking “wow it doesn’t seem like I’m driving 100 and then it hit me!  They use the Metric System here”.  I laughed at myself for at least 15 minutes.  After an hour and a half drive to Bridgewater, I settled into a motel as I was to meet the guide the following morning.   Had little sleep that night due to the excitement of traveling, and the motel was filled with young hockey players that where running up and down the halls into the wee hours of the morning.  I met the guide in the parking lot of the motel the next morning and got into his pickup truck.  He said it’s a short drive to pick up the boat.  That short drive seemed to take forever.  After he hitched up the boat, we got on the road.  I guess he took the scenic route as we drove through one ocean side town after another, each having breathtaking views of quaint fishing villages.  After about a two-hour drive on Lighthouse Route 3, we came to a bend in the road past Shag Harbour, which revealed a small group of islands off Woods Harbour, where I was to view my future island.  I remember them clear as a bell.  It was a bright sunny morning with deep royal blue waters and little white caps gleaming in the morning sun.  The islands looked like jewels atop a crown.  I got very excited as somehow, I knew I was going to finally own my very own private island. We arrived at Woods Harbour and got out of the truck.  To my surprise I saw little to no snow on the ground.  The open boat ride on the bold ocean to the islands was very cold, I must admit, but once I got off the boat and walked the first island shore with the sun out, I had to unbutton my coat as I was getting so warm. 


The guide took me to three islands which were close to each other.  First a very small island and then the larger other two islands.  The last one was Mutton Island AKA Vigneau Island.  I feel that the guide wanted to save the best for last.   It was more dynamic than the other two.  I was so excited about this one that I walked the entire shore of all 65 acres of it and enjoyed every inch of its beauty and vistas.  I remember walking on seemingly billions of rocks of all shapes and sizes.  However, one small area on the southern end contained a small sandy beach, which I though was unusual at the time.   I came to realize that the tides are so strong between the islands that it brings in pulverized rock, in the form of sand, and deposits it along the shore line of that area alone.  Sweet if one wanted a beach to lay on during the summer.  As I was completing my tour, I decided to walk into the forest, and I remember hearing the forest whispering to me.  The wind blowing through the tops of the pine trees played a soothing, peaceful melody of music.   I knew this was THE ONE.  I briskly walked back to the boat and told the guide I want to put an offer on this island.   Right on the spot, the guide took out this huge looking walkie talky.  It looked like one of those you would see in World War II movie.   I still don’t know if it was some satellite phone or some type of cell phone.  Sure enough, he contacted the broker and I submitted the offer right on the island shore.


We then headed back to my motel in Bridgewater.  I went to bed early because I wanted to check out the town as it was the last day of my journey.  I called the agent and found out my offer was accepted.  For whatever reason it seemed to take forever for the closing to happen.  I suppose I wanted my island so badly that time passed so slowly.   Soon after I became the proud owner of my very own private ocean island, my personal and business life had become very complicated.  To make matters worse, my parents started to have serious health issues.  I willingly put my life on hold and became their care giver.  My island sat untouched for many years.  Always in the back of my mind, I would imagine my cottage completed, and looking out my windows at the dynamic views.   Years went by and my parents passed; one in 1999 and one in 2001.  It wasn’t until late 2004, after I worked though my grieving, that I finally found a window of time and energy to start building my dream. 


For years I had already had an idea of what I wanted in terms of a structure.  I had taken a drafting course in high school, so I sat down and drafted my future cottage and its layout in about two hours.  I wanted something efficient, with an open floor plan. I made a trip back to Nova Scotia in the winter of 2004 and gave plans to to several builders for quotes.  Most of them said they couldn’t build on an island as the logistics were too difficult.  The few that did quoted me a price “through the roof”.  As I heard some of the prices, I was beginning to realize it would be way too expensive for my budget, and my dream would never be realized.


Eventually, I was informed of an upstanding builder a few towns over and I introduced myself to them.  It was a family owned business that worked in lumber and building construction.  They were eager, honest, and seriously hardworking people.  They gave me more than fair price to build my island dream.   I think they wanted a new adventure under their belt, and so they took on the project.  I couldn’t have been happier!  They arranged someone to take us out to the island, so I could show them where I wanted the main cottage built.  That day we went out with the father and his two sons.  It was a bright clear beautiful early spring day, and I found the perfect spot.  They marked the four corners of my future dream cottage with stakes with had little plastic flags.  I remember we all stood for a few minutes just looking at the spectacular views as I thought to myself: “wow I would be seeing this view everyday out my future home’s windows…”  The builder then carefully whispered to us to slowly and quietly look to our right, as there was a sight we had to see.   We slowly turned to our right and about a good hundred feet away stood a very large majestic buck displaying massive antlers!  He then dashed off into the woods


The family then procured a small, old seaworthy lobster boat with a motor.  They used it to transport tons upon tons of building materials and supplies to the island.  They then began the task of putting up a small building they could sleep in while working on the island. It took about a year to complete the main cottage.  During that time, I made a few trips to inspect the work as it progressed.  I thought to myself while they were out there that I would have them build a few more cottages on various parts of the island.  In total I had four buildings built. 


Every visit I became more and more appreciative of the island and what it had to offer.  On one trip going out there, I was surprised to see dolphins surfing the wave off the bow of the boat.  Another time, while I was talking to the builder, I heard a “snorting” sound it turned out to be another rather large buck staring at us.


During the construction process, and the removal of Alder bushes and some trees where the building site was to be, we discovered the remnants of a dug well that had been filled in with rock form the shoreline.  So, someone else had shared my dream.


The construction went on as the family had more time, and four weather-tight structures were completed.  The last one was completed in 2009.  They were essentially only “shells” as I was going to continue to do the finishing work on my own, as I have a background in construction.


It was 2007 when I finally had to time to begin the finishing work on the main cottage.  I must say it began to give me an even greater appreciation for the seemingly insurmountable task of carrying all the materials the builder and his family had accomplished, let alone the task of building the structures!  There were many hundreds of boat rides to and from the harbour, loading up supplies, taking them to the island, and then lumbering them up the gentle hill the home was built upon.


Season after season, little by little the cottage shaped to toward completion.  During that time there were many “opportunities” for exploring the island and learning new things.  During that time, I was continually impressed with the wildlife I came in contact with – from birds, to seals, to minks, and deer.  Whale bones and vertebrae where even found on the shore of this island.


The very last major project that needed to take place was the ton of hard wood floors being installed.  I thought that this was going to be too difficult to do myself, so I had to find a tradesman that would stay out there a few days to complete the project.  With a phone call and a stop in Yarmouth at a flooring store, they said one of their installers was “adventurous” and would probably love to do it.    And they did.


                As with all good thing, they must come to an end.  Just as I made my dream come true, my age and body have begun to fail me, Genetics sometimes can be cruel.  A man must learn his limitations.  I find that I must turn this dream over to someone else who can appreciate and care for it properly.  I must find someone else to start realizing their own dream!

Steal it for only $245,000 US Funds


Phone: 1-715-901-1111 


Phone: 1-902-702-3272